I think the reason Morgana started having an attitude with Merlin was not only because he tried to poison her and everything else, but also because she didn’t want to involve him. She really was fond of him, and she’s pushing him away because she wants to kill Uther, not him. You can also see when Merlin is mentioned in her schemes, her expression changes. She tries her best to keep him far away.

I find Merlin and Arthur with their sleeves rolled up unbelievably attractive.

I really wish there were more racebending photosets and artwork of Merlin.

I can’t seem to be able to move on. It’s silly and my friends keep telling me it’s just a tv show but it was so much more. Love, war, friendship it had it all. And the relationship between Merlin and Arthur is something we all hope to have. I’ve been rewatching the series and I know it wouldn’t be the best thing if they would continue the series but damn I want their adventure to keep on going forever.

The five words that I describe Merlin is: funny, loyal, trustworthy, loving, and magical… And the two words that Merlin described Arthur is: dollop head.

I literally was crying and shouting at the TV when Arthur died in Merlin’s arms. I still miss it so much.

The people that died in Merlin’s life is the most saddest thing in the whole series. Each episode what a beloved character died in Merlin’s arms, I cried grieving. I cried not just the character who died, but I cried for Merlin mostly. I can’t even imagine walking in the same shoes as Merlin, seeing the ones you love die in your arms.

I think that if the relationship between Arthur and Guinevere never happened and they stayed friends, I don’t think that anything would have changed besides the fact that Camelot wouldn’t really had a queen (if Morgana didn’t turn evil) because I mean it all started in season 2 right? And in just kind of happened, maybe there were a few hints yeah but still, I felt like it was just all of the sudden that Guinevere and Arthur found interest in one another.

The final episode in my opinion was the right way to end the show. It was emotional and heartbreaking and also gave a lot of us hope for another series in the distant future (however harassing them about making another series is wrong.) Despite this I can’t help wonder about how Gaius lived out his last days and how Gwen’s ruling as queen and the freedom to use magic affected him. Also how Merlin reacted when he died. Am I the only one?

If Merlin was a bit stronger-looking and had more skill wielding weapons, I’m fairly sure Arthur would’ve made him a knight. Merlin looks amazing in armor, and his ideals are fit for a knight.