Whenever I hear or see a reference to the Arthurian legend I immediately think of Merlin. I can’t help it.

One thing I didn’t get was in Season 2, when Merlin had tried to trip Mordred and Mordred had told him that, he “will never forget” what Merlin did, and then when Mordred came back in Season 5, that they barely acknowledged it. Was that an inconsistency, or was that put there on purpose, to prove further to the audience as to not trust Mordred in the first place?

I like to think that Merlin never died at all, and, as the royal advisor of Camelot, he watched those dear to him slowly pass away. Gaius had passed two years after Camlann, and Guinevere had lived for 20+ years more as a great Queen. The Knights died with honour, with their descendants to take after; Kilgharrah died a century later. As Albion altered, Merlin went into hiding. For 500+ years, Aithusa had stayed until she aged and died as well. Emrys is still waiting for Arthur to rise again.

I am not afraid to say I ship Mergana, not only in the first couple of seasons, but even later on—because, with the betrayal and the impact it had on everyone around them, I think it was one of the more heartbreaking tragedies.

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When I first saw MerGwen, part of me wondered if this was going to turn into a love triangle of Merlin/Gwen/Arthur, but I’m glad that it didn’t, and that MerGwen ended up being such a sweet bromance instead!

I sometimes wish Merlin was made a knight. Or at least an honorary knight. Okay, the series made it pretty clear that he wasn’t an expert swordsman, but really! - He always was protecting Arthur, and Camelot, and doing a lot of things that were technically knight’s duties. Except the training part. And he looks awesome in chainmail.

I always hated the ‘two sides of the same coin’ metaphor. Two sides of a coin don’t meet, and only one side can be viewed at a time, and neither really do anything at all for each other. Hell, ‘rhino and tickbird’ would’ve been a more accurate metaphor.

I think that people who blame Merlin for Morgana’s downfall are wrong. Why should Merlin tell Morgana, a woman he knew for only 2 years, about a secret that may get him killed?